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Certified translators

Certified translations are sometimes required for official purposes. What constitutes "certification" in translation differs from place to place (ie. the regulations in th United States are different than they are in Canada or the UK), and sometimes there are legal implications. The ProZ.com "certified pro network" is a network of professional translators (many of them freelancers) who have either been certified by a professional association, or who have been screened by professional peers. It is possible to search among this network for certified translators (or "sworn translators") who have the qualifications you require. Many show their rates or offer free quotes through their profiles.

Apakah Rangkaian ProZ.com PRO yang Diperakui?

The ProZ.com Certified PRO Network is an initiative of the ProZ.com community, the purpose of which is to identify qualified translators in various language pairs, and provide them with the option of networking and collaborating in an environment consisting entirely of screened professionals. Those accepted into the network earn the "ProZ.com Certified PRO" title and seal, which may optionally be displayed in profile pages and elsewhere on or off the ProZ.com website.

What are the benefits of participating in the network?

Participating in the ProZ.com Certified PRO Network will provide a powerful new means for top professionals to distinguish themselves as such, through not only demonstration of their unique capabilities (in keeping with published industry standards), but also through peer/client/supplier review and, perhaps soon, verified track records. In time, this network will provide an easier way for top professionals and top companies to meet and do work, particularly when that work has to be done right and is paid accordingly.

Apakah keperluan untuk diperakui?

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* Based on the EN 15038

Note: ProZ.com full professional membership is required for admittance into the Certified PRO Network; beyond that, there is no additional charge for participation.

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What people are saying

This initiative helps add to the overall credibility of our profession.
Consult Couture
Amerika Syarikat

A great idea with huge potential. I expect it will make a real impact.

Having been recommended by fellow colleagues is a great honour. I look forward to contributing even more to the community.