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Perlu mengupah para penterjemah bebas atau syarikat-syarikat penterjemah?

With over 300,000 professional translators and translation companies -- and no fees or commissions for clients -- offers the largest directory of professional translation services. Freelance translators working in Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and other languages, and specializing in legal, medical, technical and other fields, can be contacted directly. Many professional translators and translation agencies display their rates and/or offer free quotes.
(juga: para penterjemah bebas dalam bahasa lain)

Sedang mencari pekerjaan atau kerja terjemahan?

As the translation industry's leading workplace, is the leading source of translation jobs and translation work for freelancers. If you are a professional translator or you operate a translation agency, you may register and create a profile for free. Become a full member to maximize your opportunities to network with other freelancers and professionals and obtain translation work.


Soalan-soalan penterjemahan terbaru yang ditanya di KudoZ:

Bahasa Sepanyol hingga Bahasa Inggeris
Seni, Kesenian & ...
clases y filos, (jawapan: 0) 5 minutes ago
Bahasa Inggeris hingga Bahasa Rusia
Biologi (-tek,-ki...
long residence time targets (jawapan: 0) 5 minutes ago
Bahasa Inggeris hingga Bahasa Arab
Umum / Perbualan ...
DEFORESTED LAND (jawapan: 1)
13 minutes ago
Bahasa Sepanyol hingga Bahasa Inggeris
\"OP\" and \"S/OP\" (jawapan: 0)
15 minutes ago
Bahasa Inggeris hingga Bahasa Perancis
Sains (am)
suction lens (jawapan: 0) 16 minutes ago
3,475,049 soalan-soalan penterjemahan yang ditanya

Kerja-kerja penterjemahan baharu yang disiarkan:

French to English
To transcribe and translate 29minutes video 5 minutes ago
Turkish to Arabic
Turkish into Arabic 320 words letter  54 minutes ago
Bahasa Inggeris hingga Bahasa Portugis
Bahasa Inggeris hingga Bahasa Sepanyol
Chilean, Dominican and Cunban voiceover artists needed 1 hour ago
English to Indonesian
Short Translation English to Indonesian: Email communication 1 hour ago
591,059 kerja-kerja penterjemahan yang disiarkan.

Acara-acara yang akan datang (dalam talian dan luar talian):

Conference: Marketing & Recruitment day7991 pendaftaranSep 28
Conference: CAT Tool & Software day8023 pendaftaranSep 29
Powwow: Guelph, Kanada3 pendaftaranSep 28
Powwow: Sandton, Afrika Selatan1 pendaftaranSep 28
Powwow: Manchester, United Kingdom8 pendaftaranSep 30 tempatan: Amerika Syarikat | Itali | Jerman | Perancis | Argentina | Uruguay

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