Hall of Fame

Over the years, thousands of people have given of their time and talents to make a great place. But the site could not exist as it does today, were it not for the extraordinary contributions of a handful of individuals. The Hall of Fame was created to recognize the few select individuals who, in dedicating themselves fully to the site for periods of their life, have brought the site and community to whole new levels. We thank them for their monumental work, which has benefited so many translators in so many places!

Justin Chlebus - Technical wizard, 2005-2007

Justin Chlebus began working at in March of 2005 and served as a developer and systems administrator for two and a half years. Dedicating himself to the service of the community, he made monumental contributions to the site and company, and also helped thousands of people around the world to get the most from it. He died on September 2, 2007, having just celebrated his 22nd birthday.

The Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up in Justin's memory, to support a program that identifies and supports exceptional young people in pursuing arts or sciences in which they are particularly talented, in countries other than their own.

For more information on Justin, please visit this page.

Angela Arnone - Long-term moderator, creator of conferences

Angela is responsible for starting in-person events; together with Roberta Anderson she organized the very first conference in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy, in 2001. Out of this event came the idea for powwows -- thousands of which have been held among translators around the world in the time since.

Angela served as a long-standing member of the first site moderator team, was one of the first translators to join the Certified PRO Network, and has made numerous other contributions to the site and to the community over the years.

Troy Fowler -'s first community manager

Troy was's first "community manager". Filling that role at an early stage, he not only carried out customer service, but also helped to develop new services. It was during his period of service that first began offering paid membership; he helped to launch the business model that has enabled to grow to what it is today. Troy also brought in the site's first paying advertisers, which was a critical source of revenue in's early years. After leaving as an employee, Troy joined as a member. He has been active in the industry as a translator and interpreter ever since.

Mats Wiman - Creative contributor and steadfast advocate

Mats was a member of the first site moderator team, and continues to serve as a site moderator. Together with Angela Arnone he organized the first in-person meeting of the moderator team in 2002. He has been a speaker at events since 2004. He is the author of, among others, the classic article Confessions of a KudoZ point grabber. His creativity and contributions, via the site and through brainstorming discussions with Henry, have led to numerous improvements to the site, and he has firmly supported and upheld's mission in his interactions. Mats has, via the moderator program and as a long-standing site member, contributed greatly to the site and its community.

Jason Wies - Built Blue Board, enabled to scale

Just out of high school, Jason Wies joined at a time when rapid growth of the community was surpassing the site's ability to keep up. Even as he was on call 24/7 to keep the site running, he conceived of and implemented an entirely new systems architecture, one that has served the site well up to today. That is not all; Jason also developed important new site features such as the Blue Board.

Today Jason runs his own highly successful web business: jobthread.

Romina Bona - Ten years of leadership in member services

As one of Argentina's first employees, Romina's contributions to the community were many and various over her ten years of service (Late 2006 - early 2017). Romina kicked off or oversaw: translation contests, quick polls, powwows (she had the idea for the "chain" of powwows that was the predecessor to the translation industry's first virtual event on International Translation Day!), translation news, localization, the books section, the first Community Choice awards and more. She also was the person in charge of's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts for a number of years. As if that were not enough, she created the comic TranslatorFun on the side -- and she continues that today!

Enrique Cavalitto - Tireless Champion of Translators and Father of Argentina

Enrique was a moderator for several years before joining in 2006. Enrique served as General Manager of Argentina, building the office and team in that office, and also acted as coordinator of KudoZ and Translators without Borders, where he oversaw growth from approximately one millions words volunteered per year to over ten million.

In support, service oversight, in-person events and many other areas, Enrique has served as a consistent advocate for the translators and businesses of the community. He was entered into the Hall of Fame on the occasion of his retirement from the company in 2017.